Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mantra and Benifits

Amazing mantras:

What is a mantra?

Mantra is a sound, syllable or a group of word that a capable of creating transformation in every human being there are different type and various methods of mantra, mantra is a part of Hindu tradition and also it I being practiced by various other religions groups like Buddhism, Jainism etc .

Effects of mantra;

What most people think is chanting of mantra is superstitious but it is a real therapy, it could be amazing for most of you, how could chanting a mantra can be a therapy???? Yes chanting or listing to mantra directly lowers blood pressure, normalizes brain wave pattern, hear beat, adrenalin level and even cholesterol and many researches have proved that mantra has greater influences on many hormones and parts of our human body. This is the reason why the doctors advises people who are suffering from high pressure to listen to music or mantra for few minutes daily .when a mantra I chanted in a correct way with up’s and downs it causes a vibration in our body which has the ability to cure many diseases (neuro-linguistic effect).

Gayatri Mantra:

Queen of all mantras, it is belived that a regular and correct practice of gayatri mantra can cure even diseases which cannot be cured by modern medicines, but pronunciation of words are very important.


Practice of mantras requires proper guidance so if you are interested in practicing any mantras, please get help from a ‘guru’, it is advised not to chant without guidance from a guru.

Mantra for money flow:

This mantra is for financial benefits, for great results try it out

“om brzee namaaha”

“om brzee namaha”

“om brzee namaha”

For guidance watch this video


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The advertence of this Asana is not begin in any old text. It is a actual important Asana which has appear through tradition. It is apperceive as Halasana because in its final position the anatomy resembles the appearance of Indian plough.

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Technique :-

Take collapsed position calmly hands straight aside the thighs, approach palm on the ground.

Slowly raise your legs calm afterwards bend at knees by acute your calmly and stop at 30° angle.

After few abnormal raise your legs added up to 60° bend and maintain.

Now slowly accompany the legs at 90° angle.

Pressing both the calmly bring the legs little appear the head.

Continue the bend of legs till toes touch the ground and again stretch your legs as far as possible.

Now make both the palm on the arch authoritative feel lock. Accompany the elbows on the ground.

While coming back to the original position aboriginal absolution the finger-lock. Amplitude the calmly beeline and abode them on the arena by the ancillary of the body.

Lower the waist and accession the legs from the ground. slowly let the waist blow on the ground and stop bringing the legs at 90° angle.

Slowly come to original position.

Remember :-

Do not bend legs at the knees while adopting them up.

Do not accession the legs by giving jerk.

After extensive the bend of 90° go advanced anxiously acclimation your weight. Sometimes due to gravitational force, the legs may abatement astern on the arena with jerk, therefore, ascendancy yourself.

While addition the legs astern antithesis your weight on the calmly and additionally while abiding use calmly for acclimation the weight.

Do not forcibly amplitude your legs if they are not in a position to blow the ground. Amplitude them as far as they are continued easily. Advance it. Gradual convenance will accomplish anatomy able of affective advanced and adaptability will be developed.

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Due to the agitation of belly anatomy if there is a complaint of Dyspepsia or constipation, it can be adapted by the convenance of this Asana.

The convenance of this Asana is additionally advantageous in assertive types of diabetes.

Maximum allowances of Halasana can be acquired back Bhujangasana is practised anon afterwards Halasana.

Those adversity from cervical spondilitis or acerbity in back should practise it actual carefully.

Renews sexual health,increases sperm count(should be practiced 5 times daily)