Sunday, January 22, 2012



What is Menstrual disorder?
It is a irregular periods or desmenorrhoea(painful period)Here i am going to help you with yoga asanas that helps you to reduce the pain

1.Badhha Konasana:
Reduces dysmenrrheaStimulates abdominal organs

1.sit in dandasana
2.join your soles of your foot together
3.Hold it with your hands and sit erect.
4.Hold it and breath normally for sometime
5.Then come to normal porsition

Duration1.Maintain pose for 2 to 3 min2.Do 2 to 3 times a day.

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Looking for a new way to get perfect? You might be surprised to find that yoga makes a perfect companion for athletes of all sports . Yoga will help you develop better a breathing technique and it improves your balance, concentration, strength, and immune.

Develops good breath and balance:
If you participate in sport or some occasional fun run .you might be aware that impact breathing can have on performance. Deep, relaxed and strong balance breathing is the foundation of Yoga and will help you develop a habit to control your breathing. Yoga practice integrations the mind-body and soul connection and athletes can benefit from this combination of skills training.

Increases strength:
Yoga poses are all about building strength and immunity in our body. The slow, focused movements require a strong concentration ,balance and by practice of yoga you will add a new form of resistance training to your typical workouts.
increases flexibility:
Yoga very much improves ones flexibility and make our body in a balance state ,and for the sports man it is essential to have a balance body and mind.Yoga helps you to build all these essentials.

Yoga is a great low-impact way to cross train. Cross training is necessary for athletes who do the same sport or exercise routine year-round. Adding new exercises can help reduce injury, relieve training , add variety and help recover from hard aerobic or strength workouts. Yoga can be done at a any intensity and there are different types of postures that can provide a workout for any athletic need.

For every one:
There are many styles of yoga asana, active movements that go from one posture to another (and result in a thorough aerobic workout) to more slow-paced practices that hold postures for several minutes and form an intense strength training and balance workout.

Result of practicing yoga:
I promise you that the practice of yoga will surely give you great benefits,you will surely find a great improvement in all aspects of your life.From my experience i give you 100% assurance that it would be beneficial for everybody especially for sport persons.Everybody in this world should know about yoga and should practice it .


Saturday, January 14, 2012


Minoxidil is a anti hypertensive vasodilator medication. which slows or stop hair loss and helps in growth of new hairs.Minoxidil was first used as oral drug for high blood pressure at that time they found a interesting side effect of this treatment,they found new growth of hairs in different parts of patient who intake minoxidil regularly and this made the step to produce a topical solution for hair.
Minoxidil came into market around 1996,and in 2007 a new form based formulation minoxidil 5% was produced,which was found to be more effective but still now the mechanism of working of minoxidil has not yet been found,

Minoxidil is effective in most of the cases,Minoxidil is more effective for people who experience hair loss for less than 5 years,i.e starting stage of hair loss, and it is found more effective for people who have front head balding when compare to other balding.people who are in the starting stage of hair loss can close their eyes and go for minoxidil treatment as it is very effective and has very less side effects in most of the cases.

Regularity of the treatment is very important ,as you apply it regularly the effect is high,as prescribed by your dermatologist . When there is gap or discontinuity of the treatment you may recognize hair loss again ,

And during the first stage of the treatment i.e(first 3 months) you may experience hair loss,which means the minoxidil has started working for you,and if you cross the second stage (i.e after 6months)you will find the effect of the treatment directly ,and you may also find new hairs growing etc etc......but once you discontinue the treatment the hair which has grown by this treatment would fall off slowly(i.e if the treatment is discontinued for 3 months hair loss starts again,and if it continues the hair which has grown by help of this treatment would fall off slowly) in a period of 6 month after discontinuing the treatment you will come back to your normal form.

side effects:
The side effects found are headache, itching,itching of scalp,etc,,,no dangerous side effects seen.

i have been using this medication for 2 years and i find no side effects,and it is very very effective for front head baldness ,i am not doing any advertising or affiliate marketing here,i want to help you guys who suffer from hair loss. i have tried a lot of medication for hair but i found this minoxidil treatment i prefer you guys with 99% assurance ,go for this treatment .::::)))