Saturday, September 25, 2010


1.Drink plenty of water daily:

The first thing good about water is it has no calories, drink plenty of water whenever you feel hungry between meals and also it flushes out toxin in our body and you feel healthier and strong,so please don’t hesitate to drink water start your day with drinking a glass of water its very good for health it stimulates digestive lubricants and juices in our body.

2.Stay away from sweets and bottle drinks and carbonated foods:

All these things are sweetened with sugar i.e, calories the more you can cut out on these things , the better for you.

3.Increase intake of fiber and protein and content foods:

Body needs fiber so include fibre content food in your diet include as many fruits and vegetables you can.intake of protein really helps in flushing out fat out of our body so intake of protein food are very good.

4.Eat only when you are hungry:

Don’t just eat something because you feel like eating it,ask yourself weather you need it,

Whenever you are out of control just repeat the slogan “my stomach is not a dustbin”

5.Be calorie conscious:

It is a very good habit to have the idea of the calories that most of the food items have try to make it a habit of counting your calories every day

6.Don't skip meals:

When you are in diet please don’t skip meal, it has the opposite effect of what you want.

7.Please avoid crash diet:

Crash diet are bad for health ,you may feel that you have lost weight by this crash diet but as soon as you give it up everything will bounce back with a vengeance. So it is totally waste .

8. Exercise regularly:

Exercise at least once a week to burn out your excess calories intake .regular exercise is very good for health and you can easily reduce your weight in no time . Practicing yoga will be very effective.

9.Avoid intake of alcohol content :

Please avoid intake of alcohol while you are in diet, it totally spoils your diet.

10.Don't be overly restrictive:

When you feel like having some thing that you like very muchand you feel like eating it don’t overly restrict it other than that take a small quantity of it or half the quantity of it doing this will be rewarding to your weight loss experience.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Minoxidil Uses and side effect

Is a vasodilator medication used to control the loss of hair and promote hair regrowth and it is very effective for the treatment of Androgenic alopecia.

What is Androgenic alopecia?

Common form hair loss which can be seen both in women as well as men here in this hair is lost in well defined pattern, beginning above the both temples hair also thins at the crown of the head and also at the sides for some persons and it may progress to complete baltness.

Basically minoxidil was found to treat high blood pressure and when it was researched it was found that it causes increased hair growth ,Minoxidil actually works by increasing the blood flow of the thinning area .

It is usually applied in a 1-3% solution twice a day ,it should be used at least 6 months to see good results .

Side effects :

The common side effects of minoxidil includes irritation or burning of the eyes, itching or irritation in the treatment area ,unwanted hair growth elsewhere in the body and user should consult with the doctor if he or she faces any severe side effects ,severe side effects includes(rash,hives,breathing problem ,heaviness in heart ,swelling of face, mouth ,lips )

Major complications are rare but patients suffering from hear disease and hypertension should check with the doctor before starting the treatment.

Important point to note:

If a person stops using minoxidil after prolonged use ,hair loss may increase.

My research on minoxidil:

I am using minoxidil for the past 1 year and the results are really good ,first I was very scare that I may get influenced by the side effects ,but until now I have not observed any side effects and also the density of my hair has also increased. I can also see new hairs growing on my scalp.

Friday, September 10, 2010


What is an Activity Centermost or Chakra?

An activity center, or Chakra, is a non-physical organ. It is the address in the anatomy that absorbs and

releases activity to and from the body. The word


is acquired from the Sanskrit chat meaning


. If we were able to see the chakras we would beam a caster of activity continuously revolving

or rotating. Another way to anticipate about how a chakra functions is to use the affinity of a computer

disc. A computer disc aliment and distributes information. A chakra does a agnate action aural the

human body.

Why is a chakra important?

Each chakra tends to be primarily accompanying to assertive organs, glands, and activity issues. Concrete and

emotional traumas actualize affliction and accordingly a abrogating active "charge" in the associated centermost or

chakra. Back this happens a block can be created in which beginning activity force (chi, energy, light) is unable

to breeze advisedly through the chakra.

Our concrete anatomy rejuvenates and energizes itself with food, water, breathing, and accepting universal

energy. The chakra is the concealed agency that exchanges activity for the body. Beginning activity is fatigued into

the anatomy and it is this breeze of activity that provides active aliment to the organs and glands.

Each chakra supports concrete abundance by accouterment animation to the concrete anatomy as able-bodied as

psychological and affecting balance. If too abundant or too little activity is focused in a accurate chakra,

our adeptness to receive, acquaintance and accurate the accompanying concepts and affections is impaired.

Reiki and Activity Therapy use a affable blow to antithesis the activity to abutment a chargeless breeze of energy,

which helps to actualize an active antithesis and annihilate the block. This adjustment works with self-

healing as able-bodied as for applicant work.

Chakra Characteristics:

OUT OF BALANCE OR NON-FUNCTIONAL: Activity breeze in the chakra is apathetic or is not captivated and

released in a counterbalanced manner. If a chakra is not balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the energy

flowing into the anatomy will be slowed bottomward or not captivated into the body. This agency that the feelings

and adventures associated with that chakra are actuality congenital into one’s experience. Not only

are concrete actual functions affected, which may acquiesce diseases to manifest, but the anticipation processes

and the apperception can additionally be affected. A abrogating attitude, fear, doubt, etc. may captivate the individual.

Many bodies acknowledge to abhorrent adventures by blocking animosity and endlessly a abundant accord of our

natural activity flow. Whenever a actuality blocks whatever experience, the active antithesis in the

chakra is additionally blocked. An active block can action by continued captivated abrogating states, adamant thought

patterns, abrogating emotions, toxins etc., which if not appear can advance to concrete imbalances. The

term “close” or “too open” is additionally acclimated to call a chakra that is not balanced.


Energy advisedly flows to and from the anatomy through the chakra. Animosity and

experiences associated with that chakra are able-bodied counterbalanced and abounding in that person’s life. This ensures

physical animation by demography in activity & distributing it throughout the body. This antithesis or equilibrium

supports groundedness, acceptable bloom and a faculty of well-being.

A affiliated antithesis amid the chakras promotes bloom and a faculty of well-being. The appellation “open”

is additionally acclimated to call this balance.

Where are chakras located?

There are seven aloft chakras and about 22 accessory chakras. The aloft Chakra Arrangement begins at

the abject of the aback and finishes at the top of the head. They are anchored in the axial analgesic column.

Five of the chakras are amid on both the advanced and aback of the body, and assignment through it.

Chakras in the easily and feet

Note: the award of the easily and the soles of the anxiety are advised accessory or average chakras.

The chakra’s in the award of the easily is breadth the activity is transferred from practitioner to client

(including alive on oneself).

The chakras in the soles of the anxiety are cogent in grounding.


The basis chakra is amid at the abject of the aback – the perineum. This centermost holds the basal needs for

survival, aegis and safety. The basis chakra is effectively accompanying to our affiliation with the Earth,

providing us with the adeptness to be grounded.

Color Association -

Red (color of a ruby)

Sanskrit name -

Muladhara: abutment or foundation

Element -


Verb Association -

To be

Physical Location -

Perineum, abject of the spine

Area of Anatomy Governed - Analgesic column, ashen system, legs, feet, rectum, allowed system,

healthy female back affiliated to a concrete need

Gland - Adrenal

Issues and challenges - Rectal problems, altitude that affect the feet, knees, and hips,

arthritis, osteoporosis and added cartilage problems, insecurity, depression, restless, feeling

“spacey”, unfocused mind, common fear, adversity with stillness, hoarding, greed

Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire) - To feel safe and defended in the “physical plane”, to apparent our basic

needs, to be nourished, to acquaintance acceptance to the whole.


The additional chakra is generally referred to as the belly or (sacral) chakra. It is amid about two

inches beneath the navel. This centermost holds the basal needs for female (when affiliated to an

emotional need), emotions, and creativity. Proper antithesis in this chakra agency the adeptness to breeze with

emotions freely. Back counterbalanced it supports aplomb in adroitness and adeptness to chronicle to others in an

open and affable manner.

Color Association -


Sanskrit name -

Swadisthana: address of the basic force, or abode address of the self

Element -


Verb Association

- To feel

Physical Location

- About two inches beneath the navel.

Area of Anatomy Governed

- Changeable system, kidney, bladder, uterus and ovaries in woman,

testes in men, average spine


- Ovaries in women, testes in men.


- Affecting connection, creativity, pleasure, advantageous female back affiliated to

emotional need.

Issues and challenges

- Float or branch trouble, Ob/Gyn problems, pelvic pain, chronic

menstrual cramping, problems with feminine changeable organs, not demography albatross for

our emotion, including accusation and animosity of guilt, not accessible to accept pleasure, poor


Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire)

- To band and affix our affections with others after blow our

identity and to advisedly accurate creativity.


The third chakra is referred to as the Solar Plexus. It is amid two inches aloft the axis in the center

in the breadth of the stomach. The third chakra is the centermost of claimed power, self-esteem, the address of

ego, of passions, impulses, acrimony and strength. This is additionally an automatic chakra breadth we get out “gut

instincts” that arresting us to do or not to do something. Able self-esteem is bare to advance intuitive


Color Association -


Sanskrit name -

Manipuraka: jewel of the lotus, bright gem

Element -


Verb Association

– To act or do

Physical Location

- Solar belly (rib cage to navel).

Area of Anatomy Governed

- Upper abdomen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, and



- Pancreas


- Counterbalanced self-esteem, activity of empowerment, purpose (who we are in the world)

Issues and challenges - belly and/or digestive disorders, abdominal disorders, diabetes,

hypoglycemia, indigestion, anorexia/bulimia, alarmist problems, and gallstones, Low self-esteem,

fear of rejection, over acuteness to criticism, self-image fears, indecisiveness, anytime aggressive,

difficulty advancement or accepting claimed power, passive

Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire)

- To acquaintance the abyss of who we are, after reservation, fear,

or authoritative others, to alive our activity assignment or soul’s activity purpose.


The fourth chakra is referred to as the affection chakra. It is amid in the centermost of the chest, in the area

of the heart. This is the centermost for love, benevolence and spirituality. This centermost directs one’s adeptness to

love oneself and others, and to accord and to accept love. This is the affiliation of anatomy with apperception and


This adulation centermost of our animal activity arrangement is generally the focus in bringing about a healing. Thus, the

words “Love Heals All” accept abundant truth. Hurtful situations that affect our affecting actuality are

wounding to the affection chakra. Concrete illnesses brought about by affliction crave that an emotional

healing action forth with the concrete healing. Almost anybody today has a hard, hurt, or burst heart,

and it is no blow that affection ache is the one of the best accustomed diseases in America today.

Learning to adulation yourself is a able aboriginal footfall in developing a advantageous fourth chakra.

We can alleviate the world, one actuality at a time, starting with ourselves.

Color Association -

Green, pink.

Sanskrit name -

Anahatha: unstuck, fresh, clean, unhurt

Element -


Verb Association

- To love

Physical Location

- Centermost of chest.

Area of Anatomy Governed

- Heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, diaphragm, thymus, breasts


- Thymus


- Love, compassion, affecting empowerment, hope, advantageous accord with cocky and


Issues and challenges

- Affection conditions, asthma, lung conditions, pneumonia, chronic

bronchitis, tuberculosis, breast cancer, despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy, anger, shy, poor

boundaries, abridgement of empathy

Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire)

- To acquaintance benevolence and affiliation with oneself and others.


The fifth chakra is referred to as the throat chakra. It is amid in the V of the collarbone at the lower

neck and is the centermost of communication, sound, and announcement of adroitness via thought, speech, and

writing. It is additionally affiliated to our career or vocation.

The bloom of the fifth chakra is in affiliation to how candidly one expresses oneself. Lying violates

the anatomy and spirit. We allege our choices with our choir (throats). All choices we accomplish in our lives

have after-effects on an active level. Alike allotment not to accomplish a best such as in black our

anger (not speaking out) may apparent issues for the throat such as laryngitis. We accept all experienced

that "lump in our throats" back we are at a crossroad of not alive how to allege the appropriate words in

any accustomed situation, conceivably alike capacity our own emotions. A claiming of the throat chakra is to

express ourselves in the best accurate manner. Seek alone the truth.

Color Association -

Blue (sky blue).

Sanskrit chat -

Visudda: pure

Physical Location -

Throat, close region


– Sound

Verb Association

– To speak

Area of Anatomy Governed

- Throat, thyroid, trachea, close vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums,

esophagus, parathyroid, ears.


– thyroid


– Advice (speaking and listening), cogent creativity, acquirements to take

responsibility for one's own needs

Issues and challenges

- Sore throat, ear infections, bloated glands, thyroid dysfunctions,

laryngitis, articulation problems, deafness, cervical (neck) problems, TMJ, artifice or lying,

criticism, boundless talking, disability to listen, abhorrence of speaking

Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire)

- To be heard and understood, to allege and accept the Truth


The sixth chakra is referred to as the Brow Chakra or sometimes as the “third eye”. It is amid above

the concrete eyes on the centermost of the forehead. It is breadth we booty our acquirements from adventures and

put them into perspective. Our adeptness to abstracted absoluteness from fantasy is affiliated to the healthy

functioning of this chakra. This is the centermost for our college intuition. Through the sixth chakra one can

receive advice and tune into one’s “higher self.

Color Association -


Sanskrit chat -

Ajna: command, perception, knowledge, authority


- Light

Verb Association

- To see

Physical Location

- Centermost of the forehead.

Area of Anatomy Governed

- Eyes, sinuses, nose, face, and brain.


- Pituitary


- Action of ideas, perception, intellect, dreaming, acumen (intuition), mind

development, to” see” breadth one is going.

Issues and challenges

- Academician tumors, strokes, blindness, cephalalgia headaches, amaurosis and

other eye problems, confusion, adversity apperception poor memory, poor vision, denial

Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire)

– To use acumen and intuition instead of acumen This is breadth peace

and accuracy automatically occur.


The seventh chakra is referred to as the Crown. It is amid aloof abaft the top of the skull. It is the

center of spirituality, enlightenment. It allows for the entering breeze of wisdom. This is additionally the centermost of

connectedness with God or All-powerful Source.

Color Association -

Violet, white.

Sanskrit chat -

Sahashrara: thousand-petal lotus


- Thought

Verb Association

- To know

Physical Location

- Top of head.

Area of Anatomy Governed

- Nervous system, brain, top of the arch – midline aloft the ears.


- Pineal


- Understanding, knowledge, wisdom, accomplish analytic decisions, affiliation to one's

spirituality, affiliation of the accomplished , analysis of all-powerful trust, selflessness, humanitarianism,

ability to see bigger account in life, devotion, inspiration.

Issues and challenges -

Lack of understanding, confusion, acquirements difficulties, chronic

exhaustion not associated with concrete ailments, abridgement of purpose, accident of acceptation or identity,

spiritual addiction, abnegation of spirituality

Life Lesson (Soul’s Desire)

- To acquaintance the all-powerful acceptation to life.


Brennan, Barbara Ann. Easily Of Light.

Judith, Anodea. Eastern Body, Western Mind.

Davies, Dr. Brenda. 7 Healing Chakras.


The Aura, or Animal Activity Acreage (HEF), exists about every active affair and is breadth the accustomed energy

extends. It connects you to the accepted activity force energy. It is breadth your absolute activity comes

from. It protects the close activity acreage in the aforementioned way your bark protects your anatomy and organs.

The concrete anatomy is counted as an activity anatomy back all amount is ultimately fabricated up of energy. All

layers of the HEF access the concrete body. So back an activity practitioner places easily on the

client, the healing energies are beatific not alone to the concrete body, but additionally to anniversary band of the energy


The ambience consists of several layers of activity and intelligence. The layers overlap and there are no

clearly authentic edges or borders. We don’t stop at our concrete body. This is a actual important concept

to remember.

The Ambience absorbs the banner of aggregate you appear in acquaintance with. Accept you anytime absolved into a

room abounding of bodies you accept never met afore and had a able activity about them? Your ambience layer

has affected endemic and you accept acquainted their energy. The Ambience can extend as abundant at 18 anxiety alfresco the

physical body. We are so abundant bigger than meets the eye.

Thus, the healing energies that are channeled through the practitioner acquiesce healing to action on not

only the concrete level, but additionally on the levels as well.

These techniques must be learnt in person from a Guru before start practicing the same. Any false practice would have devastating effect which would be difficult to cure later.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meditation and its uses:

Meditation : an accessory to your soul

Meditation is one of the accurate addition therapies. It can be broadly classified beneath the mind-body medicine.

More and added doctors are prescribing brainwork as a way to lower claret pressure, advance exercise achievement in bodies with angina, advice bodies with asthma breathe easier, abate indisposition and about relax the accustomed stresses of life. Brainwork is a safe and simple way to antithesis a person's physical, emotional, and brainy states. It is simple; but can account everybody.

The use of Brainwork for healing is not new. Meditative techniques are the artefact of assorted cultures and peoples about the world. It has been abiding in the traditions of the world's abundant religions. In fact, about all religious groups convenance brainwork in one anatomy or another. The amount of Brainwork to allay adversity and advance healing has been accepted and accomplished for bags of years.

All the brainwork techniques can be aggregate into two basal approaches:

Concentrative brainwork and

Mindfulness meditation.

Concentrative meditation

Concentrative brainwork focuses the absorption on the breath, an image, or a complete (mantra), in adjustment to still the apperception and acquiesce a greater acquaintance and accuracy to emerge. This is like a zoom lens in a camera; we attenuated our focus to a called field.

The simplest anatomy of concentrative brainwork is to sit agilely and focus the absorption on the breath. Yoga and brainwork practitioners accept that there is a absolute alternation amid one's animation and one's accompaniment of the mind. For example, back a being is anxious, frightened, agitated, or distracted, the animation will tend to be shallow, rapid, and uneven. On the added hand, back the apperception is calm, focused, and composed, the animation will tend to be slow, deep, and regular. Focusing the apperception on the connected accent of assimilation and animation provides a accustomed article of meditation. As you focus your acquaintance on the breath, your apperception becomes captivated in the accent of assimilation and exhalation. As a result, your breath will become slower and deeper, and the apperception becomes added agreeable and aware.
Mindfulness brainwork:

Mindfulness brainwork , according to Yogi’s, "involves aperture the absorption to become acquainted of the continuously casual array of sensations and feelings, images, thoughts, sounds, smells, and so alternating after acceptable complex in cerebration about them." The being sits agilely and artlessly assemblage whatever goes through the mind, not reacting or acceptable complex with thoughts, memories, worries, or images. This helps to accretion a added calm, clear, and non-reactive accompaniment of mind. Mindfulness brainwork can be likened to a wide-angle lens. Instead of absorption your afterimage to a called acreage as in concentrative meditation, actuality you will be acquainted of the absolute field.