Thursday, December 2, 2010


Amazing Yoga for growing taller :

Lie flat on the floor with your hands stretched at 90 degree from you body, fell comfortable and just close your eyes, stay calm for few minutes, then, stretch you hands apart from the normal position where it lies visualize that your fingers and hand grows (i.e. imagine as you stretch), imagine that some one is pulling your hands from both the sides (notes: imagine that your whole body is made up of rubber) at the same time you stretch your legs and head in opposite direction(i.e. head ˆupwards and legs downwardsˇ) imagine that some one is pulling your head upward and legs downwards as you did for your hands ,as you do this feel that your body is also being stretched ,remain for 5minutes, then take a break for few minutes and then again do the same.

Notes: should be done 3or5 times daily, this may look funny but the result is good, regular

Practice is important.

How it works?

When you do this in on a regular basis your cells and muscles gets activated and helps your growth, this is a meditative type of stretching exercise ,if you practice this regularly and correctly you will surely find improvement.

Things to follow:

1. Maintain a good diet

2. You can also practice exercises like sit ups, press ups etc

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Add a fruit in your daily diet (except citric fruits)

5. Visualize yourself that you have grown taller then you were before

Best Regards......